*Other Pennsylvania Pet Bird Clubs

Berks County Bird Club  

Chester County Bird Club

Delco Bird Club


All HQ Bird Cages -selection of HQ Bird Cages and HQ PlayStands – presented by

Anodorhynchus Macaws– a web site dedicated to the Anodorhynchus Macaws, Hyacinthinus, Glaucus and Leari.
Arcadia Bird Sanctuary– a rescue, shelter, sanctuary, and education center in NJ
Avian Enrichment– Dedicated to helping parrot owners learn ways to enrich the lives of their avian companions

B&B 4 Birds –Rescue, Sanctuary, Boarding, Behavioral Training…– Harrisburg, PA

Bird Clubs of Virginia

Birds of a Feather(store in Hershey, PA)
Brooklyn Parrots – a web site about the wild parrots of Brooklyn

Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescuein Lancaster, PA

Hagen Avicultural Research Institute – General parrot info site
My House of Wings Rescue –in Nanticoke, PA
NJ Batman – includes birds in presentations  
The Parrot Club– formerly know as Connecticut Association For Aviculture
Parrot University LLCSteve Hartman
Paterson Bird Store(Totowa, NJ)
That Bird Place (Frank Indiviglio’s Blog)
The Pepperberg Page – All about Alex the Grey
Pet Adoption – The Ultimate Guide
The Pet Bird Page
PETCRAFT – Pet Care Information

Rentzels Pet Bird Farm (Windsor, PA)

Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors
South Jersey Bird Club
Tri-State Budgerigar Society
Under My Wing Avian Refuge – Exotic Birds Refuge serving NJ, PA, CT, and NY
Up At Six Aviaries – General Info, shopping, National Associations: AFA, Assoc. of Avian Vets, etc.
The Wild Macaws
Wings of Hope of NJ Avian Rescue
The World Parrot Trust
The World Wide Web Virtual Veterinary Library