Event: Wayne Laubscher


Owls of the Eastern U.S. and Canada

The program is about the 12 species of owls that are found in the eastern U.S. and Canada.  Discussed are I.D. characteristics, their habitats, behavior, and what their ranges are.  Photos of owls in their habitats and close ups, as well as sound recordings of their calls will be used as the basis of a slide program for the course.  A few videos will be included.  A special portion of the program will be devoted to discussing the remarkable and historic southerly irruption of Snowy Owls which occurred into the U.S. during the winter of 2013- 14 and the amazing technology which was employed to study the phenomenon.

 Snowy & I by Lauri Shaffer 1

Wayne and Snowy

Wayne is a bander of owls and hummingbirds in Pennsylvania.  He bands Saw-whet Owls at his farm near Lock Haven as part of Project Owlnet.  He is employed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission as a bio aide and assists the Pennsylvania Game Commission with their Barn Owl banding as well as with local Peregrine Falcon banding.  He conducts various avian surveys for the PGC, including for Golden-winged Warblers, Northern Goshawks, and Long-eared Owls.  Wayne also serves on the board of the Lycoming Audubon Society and the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology.