Event: May 22, 2016 – Patricia Sund



Patricia Sund

I’ve been a writer online for BirdChannel, the Huffington Post and for magazines for almost a decade. My blog, Parrot Nation has been online since 2008 and with over 550 posts there is a lot of information over there. 

I have three African Greys. This prompted me to begin a column in BIRD TALK Magazine titled “Memo to Parker and Pepper” that quickly shot from buried somewhere in the back of the magazine to Page six due to its popularity. It is a funny and rather snarky column and you can find some of the columns at BirdChannel. 

I’ve written for various newsletters and magazines aside from BIRD TALK including “In Your Flock,” American Federation of Aviculture’s “Watchbird,” and Phoenix Landing’s “Phoenix Beakin’.” 

I have done presentations for numerous clubs and non-profits including the Black Hills Parrot Welfare And Education Center, The Rocky Mountain Parrot Society, The Raleigh Durham Caged Bird Society, Phoenix Landing, The Long Island Parrot Society, Arizona Seed Cracker Society, The Midwest Bird Expo, BIrd Lovers Club in Florida as well as presenting at the American Federation of Aviculture Conference in 2013 and 2014.

Last year I was also given the privilege of writing a blog at BirdChannel called “Psittacine Cuisine.” that managed to take off and gain popularity. It’s a blog about feeding your bird fresh, healthy food that is not only nutritious for your flock but doesn’t have you standing at the cutting board twice a day. It includes cooking tips, nutritional information and serving suggestions. 

I’m all about good nutrition when it comes to having parrots in the family. Avian veterinarians usually say malnutrition is the leading cause of a parrot losing their life or causing a disease. Feeding a balanced diet with all of their nutritional requirements is paramount in maintaining a great quality of life. 

There are lots of things to learn about birds, but feeding them on a great diet is of utmost importance and many people simply don’t know what to feed their birds. My philosophy is to get the birds eating well and feeling good. Then you can move ahead with training and any behavioral issues you need to handle. If they don’t feel good, they won’t want to learn. 


I completed Dr. Susan Friedman’s online course: “LLP: Living & Learning with Parrots,” and both Beginning and Advanced Levels of the “Natural Encounters” Companion Parrot Training Seminars.

My education was in performing arts and really doesn’t even qualify here as it doesn’t pertain to this field. When I’m not writing, I work as a Flight Attendant. I helped deliver a baby onboard a flight from Haiti to Fort Lauderdale and I’ve had some incredible experiences in some pretty interesting locales. 

I’ve attended seminar after seminar. But I am primarily a writer and I continuously seek out new information to pass onto my readers.