Event: Concetta Ferragamo


The Real Macaw Parrot Club is honored to have  Concetta Ferragamo give a presentation at our upcoming club meeting.

Concetta comes to us from Binghamton, NY and is the Northeast Regional Director of the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA). Concetta Ferragamo designs and manufactures bird toys that are sold throughout the U.S. and internationally.  She has her psychology degree and has incorporated it into how she makes toys and places them within cages/ enclosures.  The placement of toys, perches, and feeders matter.  There is a strategy to everything.

Concetta Ferragamo will present sneak peeks at how to rehabilitate toys and give tips on what to look for in a toy and what to avoid.  Concetta’s interior cage designs have been used by several professionals in the avian industry, at conventions & in educational presentations delivered across the U.S