Sandra Bennett


In the rehabilitation of these birds I diminish the destructive behaviors, promote trust, confidence and relationships between the birds and humans.  With the proper diet and health care, I boost their immune systems and promote well adjusted and content, active, interactive happy birds.  I teach and encourage interaction between birds and individuals.

After working with these birds, I have established a structured screening and adoption program that provides the adopter’s ongoing education on the birds housing, routine care, personality, history and inclusion into the adopter’s home.  The follow up care is extremely time consuming, but I find it to be necessary for the success rate of adoptions of these birds.

There are also many of these unwanted birds that are not suitable for adoption or placement in foster care and do not wish to interact with humans in a companion animal situation, to which I provide a safe haven for them to live out their natural life with proper care.

My long-term goal is to open a center that would be open to the public to improve awareness about the needs of parrots in captivity, in the wholesale and retail pet trades, in breeding situations, in rescue, and sanctuaries.  Provide for continuing education, rehabilitation, and adoptions. I would also like to facilitate a sanctuary for the birds that cannot be rehabilitated and or the birds that have chronic diseases and are in need of supportive care and nurturing.