*Other Pennsylvania Pet Bird Clubs

Berks County Bird Club  

Chester County Bird Club

Delco Bird Club


All HQ Bird Cages -selection of HQ Bird Cages and HQ PlayStands – presented by

Anodorhynchus Macaws– a web site dedicated to the Anodorhynchus Macaws, Hyacinthinus, Glaucus and Leari.
Arcadia Bird Sanctuary – a rescue, shelter, sanctuary, and education center in NJ
Avian Enrichment – Dedicated to helping parrot owners learn ways to enrich the lives of their avian companions

B&B 4 Birds –Rescue, Sanctuary, Boarding, Behavioral Training…– Harrisburg, PA

Bird Clubs of Virginia

Birds of a Feather (store in Hershey, PA)
Brooklyn Parrots – a web site about the wild parrots of Brooklyn

Feathered Sanctuary Exotic Bird Rescuein Lancaster, PA

Hagen Avicultural Research Institute – General parrot info site


My House of Wings Rescue –in Nanticoke, PA
NJ Batman – includes birds in presentations  
The Parrot Club – formerly know as Connecticut Association For Aviculture
Parrot University LLCSteve Hartman
Paterson Bird Store (Totowa, NJ)
That Bird Place (Frank Indiviglio’s Blog)
The Pepperberg Page – All about Alex the Grey
Pet Adoption – The Ultimate Guide
The Pet Bird Page
PETCRAFT – Pet Care Information

Rentzels Pet Bird Farm (Windsor, PA)

Society of Parrot Breeders & Exhibitors
South Jersey Bird Club
Tri-State Budgerigar Society
Under My Wing Avian Refuge – Exotic Birds Refuge serving NJ, PA, CT, and NY
Up At Six Aviaries – General Info, shopping, National Associations: AFA, Assoc. of Avian Vets, etc.
The Wild Macaws
Wings of Hope of NJ Avian Rescue
The World Parrot Trust
The World Wide Web Virtual Veterinary Library