Event: Steven James- Feathers for Native Americans


We are looking for Dedicated and Sincere bird owners or custodians of birds in the USA that will commit to donating their molted feathers to assist Native Americans in their right to express their rich cultures and traditions. By donating molted Macaw and Parrot feathers we can eliminate sellers of illegally imported feathers, from Central and South America, that are hunting and killing Wild Macaws and Parrots for profit. Every feather donated from a molted living bird will replace one that a Wild Macaw or Parrot was killed to supply the need. The Native American cultures and traditions have used feathers for the past millennium and will for the next millennium. Together we can HELP SAVE WILD MACAWS AND PARROTS and support Native Americans in their traditions.

Our goal is to flood the American South West with as many Molted Macaw and Parrot feathers as possible and make a statement on Saving Wild Macaws and Parrots in Central and South America!

We never buy or sell feathers, they are gifted to Native Americans through out the American South West without cost or obligation on their part. FEATHERS FROM RAPTORS SUCH AS EAGLES AND HAWKS OR MIGRATORY BIRDS ARE ILLEGAL TO POSSESS. WE NEVER ACCEPT DONATIONS OR EVER HAVE THESE TYPE FEATHERS! Wild and Domestic Turkeys are acceptable as are Macaw and other types of tropical birds like Parrots and etc from within the United States.
Founded in 1991 by Steven James